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Ringier AG is a media group in Switzerland, founded in 1833 in Zofingen and based in Zürich. The current strategy is based not only on media but also on e-commerce and entertainment. It has a yearly income of approximately 1000 million CHF and over 7,200 employees in sixteen countries.

A current Senior Editor in Bucarest wrote a review for INDEED about his/her experience working for Ringier AG: "Low wages for some jobs. The budget is allegedly locked, but the company claims everything is going great. Any extra effort will not be compensated"


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Former Employee - Digital Strategist says

"Very little room to grow and move up the ladder."

Current Employee - Officer says

"Bad management with no organisational structure especially in terms of staff growth and bad remuneration.High employee turnover rate."

Current Employee - Online Marketing Manager says

"Terrible management Too much office politics Racism"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"PR department operate as hench(wo)men and are allowed to mistreat professionals from outside companies who have to interact with them."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management is clueless what the word management means. Demotions are integral part of this company across Africa. Demotions are without cause. The whole setup and rapid changes are summed up in a word; joke. It has no regard for expertise only thrives on who is your favourite."

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"Poor salary, limited career opportunities, unprofessional working environment, no incentives, no overtime bonus"

Former Employee - Digital Marketing Specialist says

"Horrible management team. You can be hired to lead a team today and the next year a team members is your boss with no extra reason. Salary is horrible."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management, Salary, Contact is not based on cooperation and respect,..."

Current Employee - Mid Management says

"Racist management all of whom are German speaking expats No strategic vision No career path for local teams"

Bindery Helper (Former Employee) says

"loading machines with paper to make books and magazines. How a book gets put together was pretty interesting. Love working with co-workers had fun while working. Constant bending and lifting was the hardest. Working with who I did.working with the people i worked withnever new when you were working or not"

Group Controller (Former Employee) says

"Supervise and direct controllers of the Book Group consisting of three manufacturing divisions and the Special Interest Magazine Group consisting of two manufacturing divisions in the areas of planning, organizing, analyzing and administrating the Controllership function. Maintain a close advisory/working relationship with two group presidents as well as sales and division managers to participate in strategic planning and margin analysisLots of challenges with acquiring companyManagement resistant to new ideas"

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